Terms of use

By using the platform, you are agreeing to this Term. That's why it's important that you read it very carefully.

Updated: March 18, 2022

We are very happy that YOU chose the Conecta Bio Platform!

The Conecta Bio Platform provides, in software as a service (SaaS) format, access to its various Tools, developed as solutions for digital businesses, through its websites and their subdomains.

Therefore, we have created this Term, which will regulate the relationship for using the Platform, allowing YOU to have access to the content of Conecta Bio, made available via the Internet for certain connected devices, such as computers, mobile devices and/or other compatible devices ( “Compatible Devices”).

By using the Platform, YOU are agreeing to this Term. Therefore, it is important that YOU read it very carefully.


1.1. Scope. This General Terms and Conditions of Use (hereinafter referred to as “Terms” or “Terms of Use”) bind all activities carried out and services offered by Conecta Bio (hereinafter referred to as “Platform”), which includes the website and its subdomains , applications, programs and other extensions, such as Conecta Bio. The Platform is owned by CONECTABEM TECNOLOGIA LTDA., a legal entity registered with CNPJ under number 38.230.670/0001.77, headquartered in the city of Rio de Janeiro/RJ (“Conecta Bio”), and is under its responsibility and management.

1.2. Acting. The Platform developed is the exclusive property of Conecta Bio and provides, in software as a service (SaaS) format, access to its various Tools, developed as solutions for digital business, through its websites and their subdomains.

1.3. Possibility of Integration. Conecta Bio can, at any time, integrate its Platform with others, and the User can use the same registration in each of them.

1.4. Subjects. You can register on the platform:

  • a) User (YOU): individual, at least 16 (sixteen) years of age and in full civil capacity, or legally constituted legal entity, who uses the functionalities of the Platform developed by Conecta Bio.

1.5. Adhesion and Acceptance. By this instrument, YOU agree that:

  • (i) You must accept the Conecta Bio Term, for the purposes of registration, access control and execution of improvements on the Platform;
  • (ii) By clicking on the Term acceptance box, you must adhere and agree to submit to the provisions of this instrument.

1.6. Breach of Conditions. If YOU fail to comply with any of the conditions set forth herein, Conecta Bio reserves the right to close your account and suspend or cancel your access to the Platform, without the need for prior notice.

1.7. Modifications. Conecta Bio reserves the right, at any time, to modify the Terms of Use, always sending notices to YOU, for knowledge, without any responsibility from Conecta Bio due to any changes made to the Platform, which will take effect immediately after its publication online.

1.8. Changes and discontinuity. Conecta Bio may, at any time, according to its business availability, change any aspect of the Platform, including its characteristics or functionalities, as well as suspend, cancel or discontinue it, in whole or in part, temporarily or in definitive, at its sole discretion, upon communication to YOU, without this characterizing a breach of this Agreement, or the right to indemnity or fine in favor thereof, except for the reversal of amounts that may have been paid in advance.

  • 1.8.1. The Plan YOU choose will remain unchanged until the end of its term.


2.1. Register. The Conecta Bio Platform will be available to YOU ​​through its websites and subdomains. Upon accessing, YOU will register, providing the information necessary for use, such as: name, e-mail and password. Registration cannot be carried out via a social network.

2.2. Dynamics. After YOU complete the Registration, you will have access to the Conecta Bio Platform, through login and password, having a Free Plan, with limited functionalities, granting the right only to the Conecta Bio tool (links website), with personalization restrictions, in addition to of not having any type of support, except for the Tutorials available on our website and/or on our Channel on the Youtube Platform. If YOU want, you can, at any time, subscribe to the PRO Plan, monthly or annually, on the Platform itself, to have access to all available tools such as Conecta Bio and others, as explained in this link https://conecta. bio/pricing.

  • 2.2.1. From Forward to WhatsApp. YOU must be registered in the WhatsApp messaging application, so that the Conecta Bio Platform can forward messages from the website to the application, through “application” tools installed in your projects.
  • User relationship and WhatsApp application. Conecta Bio is not responsible for any problems that occur in the application or arising from the User's relationship with the messaging application, as well as declares that it has no link, partnership, sponsorship or relationship with WhatsApp. Likewise, if YOU no longer use the application, for whatever reason, Conecta Bio will not be held responsible.
  • Your conversation on WhatsApp. Conecta Bio does not have access to your WhatsApp messages or conversation history, given that the only message that has some type of record in Conecta Bio is the 1st message that YOU typed in the “message” field in the “smart” button of the Platform, and which will depend on its actual submission by YOU.
  • 2.2.2. Communication. Notifications and communication between YOU and Conecta Bio will be carried out by the email registered by YOU and, in the case of the PRO User, will also be carried out by WhatsApp.

2.3. Incorrect Registration Information. To access and use the Platform's functionalities, YOU must provide the information required at the time of registration, as provided in the Privacy Policy.

  • 2.3.1. Refusal criteria. The Conecta Bio Platform reserves the right to prevent, at its discretion, new registrations, or cancel those already made, in the event of an anomaly being detected that it considers, in its analysis, to be a serious error or demonstrates a deliberate attempt to circumvent the rules here described above, mandatory for all Users, without reimbursement of amounts already paid.

2.4. Use of Registration by Third Parties. Registrations on the Platform are individual and non-transferable, therefore, YOU must immediately notify Conecta Bio of any unauthorized use of your account, in a timely manner, Conecta Bio not being responsible for any losses or damages arising from the use of “login” and password by a third party, with or without your consent.

  • 2.4.1. Precautions to be observed. For proper use of the Platform, YOU must: (i) Be careful with your individual identification data whenever you access the Internet; (ii) Take other steps necessary to protect themselves from harm, including online and offline fraud; (iii) Be diligent in using the content made available on the Conecta Bio Platform, knowing your responsibilities; and (iv) Strictly comply with all determinations of this Term.

2.5. Use Limitations. The license to use the Platform is granted on a limited, non-customizable basis, with the exception of what is provided for in the contracted Plan, non-exclusive, non-transferable and not subject to sublicensing, assignment, in any way, transfer in whole or in part, under any modalities, free of charge or for a fee, temporarily or permanently, the services contracted through these Terms, including accessing and viewing the contents over the internet, exclusively for personal use, without commercial purposes and provided that the conditions set forth in this Term are fully met

  • 2.5.1. Goal. Therefore, YOU may not use or allow the use of the Platform for any purpose other than that described in these Terms. If any violation of the Term and the Privacy Policy is found, the Conecta Bio Platform may suspend your access completely, without this implying the breach of this Term, so that YOU must continue to comply with all of your obligations, until the detected irregularity is verified or corrected within 30 (thirty) days.

2.6. Responsibility for inserted content. YOU are aware that any and all content inserted is your sole responsibility, as Conecta Bio does not, and will not, have any control over the veracity and/or legality of the information entered.

2.7. User Obligations. YOU have the following responsibilities:

  • a) Not to use the Conecta Bio Platform for any purpose that is illegal or prohibited by the Term and/or applicable rules;
  • b) Authorize Conecta Bio to send communications by email, telephone or instant messages, including those of an advertising nature;
  • c) Present honest and good faith behavior;
  • d) Present honest and good faith behavior;
  • e) Respond for the information entered and maintained on the Platform, for the registration, permissions, passwords and mode of use, exempting Conecta Bio from any and all responsibility in relation to the content inserted and its form of use;
  • f) Pay the amount referring to the contracted Plans; and

2.8. Suitability. YOU declare, by consenting to this document to use the Platform, that you have unimpaired suitability, being aware, from now on, that false or untrue registration information registered or provided during the electronic process of contracting services may constitute a crime.


3.1. Restrictions. It is not allowed to access the programming areas of the Conecta Bio Platform, its database or any other set of information that is part of the webmastering activity, to carry out or allow the carrying out of any type of reverse engineering, translation, decompilation, copying, modification , reproduction, rental, subleasing, sublicensing, publication, disclosure, transmission, loan, distribution or, in any other way, the provision of consultation tools of this website, applications, programs and its functionalities to third parties without the prior and express authorization of Conecta Bio, whoever does so is subject to penalties under Brazilian law, without prejudice to the obligation to repair the damage caused. This restriction includes any attempt to incorporate any Platform information into any other directory, product or service.


4.1. Remuneration. To use the Platform in the paid version, YOU can choose the monthly or annual plan, making the payment through the Hotmart platform.

  • 4.1.1. Plans. Conecta Bio defines, in the Plans, the values, periods, functionalities and/or other characteristics of the Services that will be available to YOU. Any service not included in the Plan will be paid separately, according to the price defined for each one.
  • 4.1.2. Limited access. YOU pay for the Plan so that the Tools are available for a limited period of time, including the time it takes YOU to set up the Platforms, make adjustments or learn to use them. Payments are due even if YOU do not use or access the Platforms.
  • 4.1.3. Payment responsibility. From now on, YOU are aware that payment and approval will be made through the Hotmart platform, with no interference and, consequently, responsibility of Conecta Bio.
  • 4.1.4. Fees. In case of delay or non-payment, interest of 2% (two percent) per month and a fine of 3% (three percent) will be applied, without prejudice to judicial or extrajudicial collection.
  • 4.1. 5. Renovation. All Plans are automatically renewed for equal periods. YOU can request a full refund of the amount paid within 7 (seven) days if you no longer want to use the Conecta Bio Platform, canceling it directly on the Hotmart platform or requesting it, within the deadline, via email sac@conectabem.com. After the deadline, it will not be possible to request a refund, only cancellation of the subscription.
  • 4.1.6. Reimbursement. Under no circumstances will there be a refund for the payment of services.
  • 4.1.7. Abandoned Accounts. Conecta Bio may send notices, every 12 (twelve) months, to accounts that have not interacted for 3 (three) months or more, warning that the account will be deleted from the Platform and all data linked to it will be deleted, no chance of recovery, if there is no response within 30 (thirty) days.
  • 4.1.8. Readjustment. All values ​​of the Plans will be readjusted, annually, according to the variation index IGP-M/FGV, or other applicable equivalent.
  • 4.1.9. Invoice. The Invoice will be sent to the User's registered email, as provided in the data provided or, just the name, in the absence of those.
  • 4.1.10. Account Activation. After registering with Conectabem, YOU will automatically receive, in your email registered on the Platform, the link to confirm your registration and activate your account.

4.2. Service cancellation. YOU may cancel your registration on the Platform at any time through the Hotmart platform, or notify us at sac@conectabem.com at least 30 (thirty) days in advance. In this case, YOU will not be refunded any amount paid, and you will be able to use the Plan until its closing date. Exclusion occurs within 30 (thirty) days.

  • 4.2.1. Exemption from retaining data. YOU acknowledge and agree that Plataforma Conecta Bio has no obligation to retain or keep archived any data/content owned by you stored on Plataforma Conecta Bio after the termination of the contractual relationship.
  • 4.2.2. Pendencies. If there are outstanding amounts, the person interested in the cancellation must pay the amount in order for it to be carried out. If, at any time, YOU fail to make the payment on the due date, your access will be blocked at any time and your Plan may be canceled.
  • 4.2.3. Withdrawal. Conecta Bio offers a withdrawal period of 7 (seven) days. After that period, YOU agree to keep the payment, without refund.


5.1. Availability. The Platform is available for your use and is offered on an "as is" and "as available" basis according to the Plan YOU choose. Conecta Bio disclaims any responsibility for implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, financial return and any responsibility for data loss in case of problems in the backup made by YOU. Furthermore, Conecta Bio does not guarantee that the services will be provided without interruptions or errors. Therefore, YOU accept that all risk arising from the use of the Conecta Bio Platform is your sole responsibility.


6.1 Full service. Conecta Bio does not guarantee YOU that: (a) the functions contained in the Platform will fully meet your needs; (b) that the operation of the Platform will be uninterrupted or error-free; or (c) that the Platform will be compatible or work with any other third party software, applications or services. In this way, Conecta Bio will be exclusively and limitedly liable for the services provided.

  • 6.1.1. Independence between the parties. Conecta Bio reiterates that it does not form with YOU any type of: (i) partnership, association or representation; (ii) provision of any service other than the object of this particular instrument, and/or (iii) employment relationship.

6.2. Responsibility. Conecta Bio will not be responsible for any losses or damages suffered, resulting from: (i) any incorrect or incomplete information provided by YOU; (ii) any fraud, fraudulent misrepresentation or breach of duty, or breach of any of the conditions by other Users; (iii) connection failures; (iv) problems in data processing due to third parties; (v) third-party products or services, even if purchased through the Platform; (vi) for the content entered by YOU; (vii) for damages or losses resulting from decisions taken based on information provided by the Platform; and (viii) for problems defined as “act of God” or “force majeure” contemplated by article 393 of the Brazilian Civil Code.

6.3. Violation of Third Party Rights. Conecta Bio will not be liable to any User in relation to any violation of third party rights.

6.4. Damage. In no event shall Conecta Bio be liable for indirect, incidental, special, exemplary, punitive or consequential damages, including, personal injury or property damage, in connection with, or otherwise resulting from, any use of the Platform that YOU may suffer as a result of to actions carried out or not carried out through it, even if resulting from the conduct of third parties.

6.5. Indemnity. YOU shall indemnify Conecta Bio, its directors, administrators, collaborators, representatives and employees for any claim made by third parties arising from your activities on the Platform, and for non-compliance with the terms of use and conditions and other policies of the same, and also for the violation of any law or third party rights, including attorneys' fees.

6.6. Violations on the Website. Conecta Bio reserves the right to notify the police and judicial authorities of violations that have occurred on the User's website, and may provide information and documents, in order to cooperate with said authorities.


7.1. Deactivation of Registration, Doubts and Suggestions. In case of doubts or suggestions related to this Term of Use of the Platform or any other information, YOU can contact us by consulting the FAQ and following the guidelines of the Sites. The support service will be made available according to the specifications of the chosen Plan.

7.2. Prohibition and inactivation of registration. As a way of maintaining trust and respect in this Platform, illegal acts or acts that are incompatible with the proposal to ensure the provision of quality services will be prohibited. Thus, it may result in the suspension or inactivation of your registration if YOU incur any of the hypotheses listed below:

  • (i) Promotion of violence and/or discrimination, based on issues of race, sex, religion, nationality, sexual or any other orientation;
  • (ii) Violation of which laws, mainly regarding copyright, intellectual property, such as unauthorized copying, use of images, sounds, movements or texts without the author's authorization, whether brands, replicas and/or forgeries;
  • (iii) Violation of the provisions of the Platform's Privacy Policy;
  • (iv) Non-use of the Platform for more than 6 (six) months.


8.1. Improvement. YOU agree that each and every system, platform or service, regardless of its producer or characteristics, is a kind of product that is always being updated and improved, having, constantly and unconditionally, aspects to be improved, which cannot be considered in itself as a failure or defect.

8.2. Operating Errors. Any errors in the functioning of the Platform will be corrected as soon as possible, during the period necessary for maintenance. Conecta Bio does not intend that the functioning of the Platform's server, as well as its system, its database, software and its website, be free of errors, failures or interruptions.


9.1. Use of Intellectual Property. The commercial use of the expression “Conecta Bio” as a brand, business name or domain name, and the logo are the exclusive property of the owners of Conecta Bio, as provided in the respective articles of incorporation of the organization. Likewise, copyrights and other rights subject to protection by industrial property such as the structure, the contents of the screens related to the Platform, as well as the programs related to the same, software, website, databases, networks and files of all of the domains of the Connect Bio. All rights are protected, in Brazil and internationally, by laws and international treaties on copyright, trademarks, patents and industrial designs. The owners of Conecta Bio reserve all rights relating to authorship, trademarks, patents and industrial designs, whether owned by them or licensed in their favor.

  • 9.0.1. Seal. It is not allowed to reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, resell, visit, or in any other way exploit the content of the Platform for commercial purposes without the prior written consent of the owners of Conecta Bio. In particular, the use of data mining, robots, or other data collection and extraction tools to extract, isolated or recurrently, any substantial part of the Platform with a view to its reuse is expressly prohibited.

9.2. Relations with Third Parties. The Platform may provide access links to other websites, which does not mean that these websites are owned or operated by Conecta Bio. As it has no control over these sites, Conecta Bio will not be responsible for the contents, practices and services offered on them. The presence of links to other sites does not imply a relationship of partnership, supervision, complicity or solidarity between Conecta Bio and these sites and their contents, except for the exception that will be expressly disclosed.


10.1. Suspension and Termination of Access. In the event that YOU fail to comply with any provision of the Term, you hereby acknowledge and accept that Conecta Bio may, without prior notice, interrupt or suspend, temporarily or permanently, part or all of your access to the Platform.

  • 10.1.1. Complaints. If YOU or any other person detects irregularities on the Platform, a complaint may be sent through the page https://conecta.bio/report.

10.2. Warnings and Suspension. Without prejudice to other applicable measures, Conecta Bio may warn you, temporarily or definitively suspend your access, at any time, if YOU:

  • 10.1.1. Complaints. If YOU or any other person detects irregularities on the Platform, a complaint may be sent through the page https://conecta.bio/report.
  • a) does not comply with any provision of the Term or Privacy Policy;
  • b) fails to comply with any of its obligations or prohibitions assumed when using the services of the platform;
  • c) use, without authorization, name and/or trademark of Conecta Bio, in part or in its entirety, and violate the intellectual property rights of Conecta Bio;
  • d) use, without authorization, the name and/or brand of third parties, without due authorization, and violate the intellectual property rights of third parties;
  • e) not offer conditions that make it possible to verify your identity or if any information provided is incorrect;
  • 10.2.1. For the purpose of Platform security, Conecta Bio declares that it may, at its sole discretion, collect geolocation information from YOU's access servers, which may be passed on to the holders of the brand adhering to the created account.

10.3. Processing of Personal Data. In order for the Platform to have quality and for YOU to obtain results quickly and safely, it is necessary to provide personal data, under the terms set out in the Privacy Policy of the Conecta Bio Platform.

10.4. Nullities. If any clause of this instrument is considered illegal, invalid or unenforceable, in whole or in part, under any law, that clause or part thereof will be to this exact extent understood as not forming part of the Terms of Use, and the legality , validity and applicability of the other clauses will not be affected.


11.1. Forum. These Terms of Use are governed by Brazilian law, having defined the jurisdiction of Rio de Janeiro/RJ as competent to resolve any disputes arising therefrom, to the detriment of any other, however privileged it may be or become, and give priority to autocomposition resolution attempts at all times.

Updated March 18, 2022.